Biography of Florian Burkhardt


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Florian Burkhardt’s life is a breath-taking story of a person from confined Swiss conditions who moves out into the world in search of fame and recognition. He struggles with his parents, his homosexuality and his “larger than life” dreams. Like many other teenagers, he wants to break out, travel the world and be successful. Through a series of success stories, Florian Burkhardt reinvents himself again and again within no time, changes milieus and careers as other people would change their socks. It’s a dazzling, hyperactive life on the fast track with many different careers and changing outer appearances. He rushes through the 90’s on the bow wave of his zeitgeist and for a long time, it seems like everything comes easily to him: he succeeds as a snowboard pioneer, super model, floats on the dotcom-bubble and becomes king of the Zurich club scene. Yet, as soon as he’s successful, he gets bored of it. It’s a crazy, almost electrically charged existence, until Florian is burdened by a general anxiety disorder and a social phobia which turn off the power.

Florian ‘electroboy’ Burkhardt’s search for identity is an escape from his own story that catches up with him one day – and he is then forced to ask himself: Who am I really and why?